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The Experience

Is it time to get away from the madding crowds, to clear your head and contemplate the bigger picture of your life, work and purpose? Are you at a crossroads, an inflection point, or perhaps wondering how to allocate your resources in a values-aligned way, in a relationship that is fully clear, clean and empowered?


This January on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, we are hosting a select group of high-impact global leaders on a powerful learning journey focused on inner and outer transformation and purpose. We call it Ayni Quest - a quest of reciprocity. As global ecosystems and entrenched structures are put under increasing strain, the time has never been as ripe to embark on a path of deep reflection and discovery of what matters deeply to us and what is ours to do in the world.

Drawing on the most powerful lessons from top impact experts, researchers and mentors from around the world, this four-night five-day immersive retreat perched atop the sublime Mexican coast will give us the opportunity to creatively dream and articulate our legacy. Come ready to question fundamental assumptions, be exposed to unconventional thinking, all the while supported and inspired by a group of diverse peers and leave with a concrete path of how to deploy your resources in a congruent and regenerative way.

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Define what matters to us in creating the world we want to live in – and articulate our strategy for getting there

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Explore our relationship to money, wealth and value & learn about what is possible in the spectrum of interventions

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Deep Ecology sessions, guided immersions in the wild landscapes of the Pacific, and teachings on the importance of regenerative thinking

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Learn directly from global impact experts and mentors who are working on complex global issues


The Location

We have experienced time and time again the importance of disconnecting from our everyday 'default' environment in order to stimulate creativity, novel insights and inner clarity. Mexico's immersive landscapes are a core element of this Ayni Quest, weaving the content of our sessions together with an ineffable, sensorial experience – a sandbox for our own transformation and learning. Through reconnecting with the power and wisdom of the natural world and our interconnection with Life at large, we tap into unexpected sources of imagination and revival.

We chose the Triton Estate in Careyes, Mexico, for its sheer beauty and ability to make the mind soar. A rare gem tucked away on its own clifftop peninsula, wrapping around the rugged coast and featuring sweeping views in all directions from an impressive tower (we like to call it castle point), we couldn’t imagine a more fitting place to gather, explore, and dream together.

Pathways of bougainvillea flowers line the villas that will be our home for these five days, where we will sleep in a combination of luxury bungalows and bedrooms with shared palapa spaces, infinity pools, and secret lairs. Our meals are cooked by the estate’s talented chef Adriana, whose gastronomic talent features freshly-sourced market ingredients, local dishes and delicious sustainable seafood – and of course, a margarita or two.

Founded in the 1970s as a luxury bohemian enclave, Costa Careyes is defined by a rare energy that permeates every corner. Its magic lies in the founding members’ sensibilities in combining the raw power of pristine nature with whimsical villas, understated charm and an eclectic community of characters. It is a place infamous for being secluded to the outside world, accessible only to those with an insider’s key and a desire to get off the grid completely.

Our time together will be sprinkled with delightful night-time bonfires on sweeping secluded beaches, stellar sound ceremonies, sunrise wellness sessions, laughter-filled boat rides and cozy evenings sharing our life experiences and stories. Prepare to be inspired by other humans, awed by the wildness of nature, and discover unknown parts of yourself.


The Team

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Daniela litowitz

Daniela Litowitz is the co-founder of House of Ayni. She designs experiences that help humans live more connected, impactful lives. She has spent her professional life building ventures focused on social innovation in the United States, the Middle East and South America and previously served as Social Enterprise Special Advisor at Columbia University, Director of Global Partnerships at UPenn's Center for Social Impact Strategy and Director of Strategy at Jerusalem Venture Partners.


Alexa Firmenich

Alexa Firmenich is based out of San Francisco and is the co-founder of Atlas Unbound. She is a systems change facilitator and strategist who creates and leads transformational leadership and learning programs. With Atlas Unbound, Alexa bring entrepreneurs, business leaders, CEOs and thought-makers on deep-dives into nature and facilitates workshops on collective intelligence, regenerative thinking and embodied reconnection with the wild.

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Lillian Kline

Lillian Kline, based in Melbourne Australia, is passionate about working with individual investors, families and organizations to help them align their personal values with their business and investment values. She is Head of Investor Relations at Australia's largest impact fund, Impact Investment Group and an accredited 21/64 Facilitator. Over the last 15 years, Lillian has facilitated retreats from Australia to Bhutan, leading curated groups on "journeys to impact."

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Daniel Schmachtenberger

Daniel Schmachtenberger is a brilliant and innovative technologist, evolutionary philosopher and strategist, and social engineer. He is a recognized thought leader on the future of civilization, existential risk and our current global situation, and how we might navigate the path ahead.

As Director or Research and Development at Neurohacker Collective, he works on complexity-informed solutions for the future of well-being science, medicine, and evolving human capacity.


Andrew Hewitt

Through his leadership in creating GameChangers 500, a ranking of the world’s top for-benefit businesses, Andrew Hewitt has become a sought-after expert on what differentiates high performing purpose-driven companies. His latest research is focused on evolving economics from win-lose to win-for-all outcomes. He serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence Emeritus at UC San Diego, is on the board of the Pachamama Alliance, and addresses a diversity of audiences including students at the United Nations University for Peace, CEO’s of Asia’s largest banks, and government officials in the U.A.E.


Peter koenig

Peter Koenig has been developing tools and systems to accelerate consciousness and human development for leaders for 40 years. He is an expert in Seminal Thinking, Behavioral Finance, and Organizational Architecture, and at the heart of his expertise is a series of deep insights on our relationship to money, the realization of life purpose, organization and succession. His ‘moneywork’ examines the current structures, subliminal messages, misconceptions and our own internal conditioning around money.


Sarah Holloway

Sarah has worked in the public and nonprofit sector for 25 years.  She is currently a full-time member of the SIPA faculty where she teaches Nonprofit Financial Management and Social Entrepreneurship.

Sarah is a member the Boards of the NYC Foundation for Computer Science Education (CSNYC), The Armory Foundation, Mission Restore, Five One Labs Columbia Entrepreneurship.  She is a former board member of The Institute of Play, LIFT Investments, the Ft. Tryon Park Trust, Friends of Public School 187 and the New York City Workforce Investment Board.




The cost of the 4-day program is $5,500 USD. Place on the Quest is limited to twelve participants for the purpose of intimacy and fostering genuine connection.

This fee includes:

  • All program content, facilitators and mentors;

  • One-on-one sessions with mentors;

  • Your own private housing at the Triton Estate;

  • All local sustainable meals and drinks from sunrise to sunset;

  • Workshop materials;

  • Transport to and from the location from either airport;

  • Sunset rituals and sound ceremonies;

  • Morning meditation and yoga classes;

  • Carbon offsetting compensation;

  • An alcoholic tipple or two, and of course, our token surprises.

Ayni Quest is designed as a bridge of reciprocity (ayni) with our sister program House of Ayni. Your participation in Ayni Quest directly supports our work training and empower social activists and non-profit leaders in Mexico. Learn more about the Fellowship here.



If you are interested in joining us on the Quest, the next step will be to get in touch with us and schedule an interview with one of our organizers in order to see if the experience is right for you. As the Quest is limited to 12 participants, our role is to help curate a cohesive and complementary balance of characters.

Costa Careyes is close to both Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta international airports in Mexico. If you decide to come on the program, we will help you with your travel plans -- and, once you arrive to the airports, you can kick back and we will take care of all the rest.

Please refer to our T&Cs and Frequently Asked Questions for further information.



House of Ayni has given me a before and after in my life. I’ve had the gift of being successful in business, and have been searching for ways to give back in a meaningful way. The program transformed the way I look at the world: today, I have clarity on my purpose and a strategy to ignite the change I care most deeply about.

I used to think of my social projects as altruistic. House of Ayni helped me redefine altruism as service, and for that I am forever grateful.”

- ABELARDO, entrepreneur, MEXICO

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