No previous art, music, dance or movement capabilities or experience is required.
We EXIST FOR INDIVIDUALS to experiment, taste, explore and RELEASE THEIR INNER CHILD.



We bring people together and provide them with the right tools in the right places to listen better, dig deeper and create without boundaries or judgement. These journeys are designed to bring you closer to a more conscious way of living. Our workshops and daily outings fuse art, music, movement, nature and local wisdom, and will leave you inspired, challenged and ready to bring back insights and tools to your day to day life. The Artist and The Healer journeys are a good fit for you if you are looking for a dose of inspiration, navigating a professional or personal transition, seeking to take your work to the next level, or hungry to channel your inner child.



  • Daily movement and creative expression workshops
  • Tools and sessions to prompt self-observation, confidence, creativity, concentration and introspection
  • Outings in nature and visits to heritage spots guided by the local community
  • Visiting local musicians and artists 
  • Nourishing, locally sourced food
  • Space for free time and integration
  • Accommodation in a beautiful home surrounded by nature and a unique history


  • Heightened ability to express creatively and intuitively
  • Methods and practices to apply nature's intelligence in how you live and work
  • A deep appreciation for local customs, art, music and history
  • Renewed commitments in an action plan for the coming months
  • A close community to support you as you integrate lessons and insights into your day to day life
  • An understanding of how the timeless archetypes of the artist and the healer apply to your life
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NOVEMBER 3-7, 2018

We are gathering in Malinalco, a landmark village two hours outside of Mexico City. Situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, this corner of the Earth is an inspiring place: it was the training grounds for the Aztec's most elite warriors, and has been associated to sorcery and medicinal practices for centuries. The area and the community have a lot to offer: history, wisdom and local expertise.

Using the unique beauty of Malinalco as our canvas, we will climb hilltops, learn tools and methodologies to better express our creative selves, and engage with the local artists and healers within the community.

Our home for the week, Las Suculentas, was designed specifically to receive intimate groups working on personal and professional development. Built twenty years ago in the heart of the valley, its architecture and facilities render it perfectly suited for our journey together. 

Beyond the signature sessions outlined above, our journey in Malinalco will also feature a Temazcal (a Mesoamerican sweat lodge), circles with local artists and performers, and outings to temples and powerful nature spots dating from pre-Hispanic times.

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We are traveling to the heart of the African continent to connect with the rhythm of the land and how its people express themselves and come together to work and create.



Peru's Sacred Valley is home to the lost world of the Incas. The history of the area has left behind nature spots, temples, music and art, which will form the basis of our five-day journey in Peru.