This coming November, we are bringing 17 social leaders in Mexico together to equip them with the right tools to amplify their individual and collective impact. Meet our fellows and discover the work they are doing.

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Adriana Welsh


Adriana Welsh is co-founder of "Ñepi Behña, AC" (Mujer con Dignidad - Woman with dignity) since 2004. Their goal is to empower indigenous women to be leaders in sustainable, social and economic proposals. Since 1998 the organization has accompanied the Ya Muntsi Behña cooperative in the valley of Mezquital, Hidalgo. In 2008 Adriana founded "Corazón Verde, Red y Central de Comercio Justo con equidad" with 9 artisan organizations from Chiapas, Puebla, Hidalgo, Mexico State and CDMX. She has pushed a participative Certification process to create a Fair trade with equity certification for organizations composed by indigenous and artisan women. Adriana is part of the Comaletzin, AC and the RedPAR, which are groups of rural feminist women that for more than 30 years have been supporting rural and indigenous women in Mexico. Adriana is a Doctor in Rural development and Social Psychologist.

Virginia Alonso Navarro

Alehlí Ordoñez Rodriguez


Alehli Ordoñez Rodriguez is a specialized lawyer in civil litigation on sexual and reproductive rights of women and LGBTI communities in Mexico. Since 2012 her work has been primarily focused on LGBT parenting, gender identity, surrogacy and abortion. In 2013 she managed through the implementation of a strategic litigation the children recognition to lesbian mothers, and in 2015 to gay fathers. In 2014 Alehli participated in the reform of the recognition the gender identity of Trans people in Mexico City. In 2016 founded LEDESER, A.C., working as litigant since then and managing to obtain in 2017 the legal access to surrogacy and the recognition of Gender equity for Children and teenagers of Mexico City.

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Coco de la Mora


Coco De la Mora Carnalia holds a Sociology degree by Guadalajara University. It was in this city where she lead several researches on gender equity, youth and childhood in vulnerable situations. Since 2007 Coco has worked in different areas focused on human and social development. In November 2010 she initiated her collaboration with Heartland through the NO+ESNNA program. In 2013 she moved to Monterrey to lead first EJEMPLAR, a project to prevent youth violence and crime, and later in 2015 DHARTE program, focused on youth violence prevention as well. Along her journey she has found artistic experience to be a fantastic tool for personal and social transformation.

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Dana Preston

Program Manager @ Gender-focused initiatives, HIP ONLINE

Dana’s passion for women’s equality in Latin America and the Caribbean has guided her career. Prior to joining HIP, she spent nearly a decade studying and working towards gender equality in Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic with diverse nonprofits, universities, think tanks, and even the U.S. government. Her past experience includes project management, grantmaking, and inter-institutional alliance building in the areas of women’s economic empowerment, gender-based violence, and women’s movement building. Dana holds a MA in Gender and Development from George Washington University and a BA in Latin American Studies from the University of Michigan.

Irene Torices Rodarte


Irene started studying occupational therapy, getting deeper later into sexology discipline through different specializations and masters. In 2004 Irene founded GEISHAD AC (Interdisciplinary education in Human sexology and disabled people attention), where she uses an integrative methodology aiming for achieving a cultural, political and social change that enables disabled people to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights in a more informed, free, responsible and healthy way. She aims to achieve this by training professionals on Disability and sexuality work, and by educating and directly attending disabled people, their relatives and the professionals interacting with them. Irene´s end goal is to influence public policy.

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Ivan Torres Gonzalez

Program Manager, INSADE

Since 2014 Ivan has been Mexico State coordinator of INSADE (Interculturality Health and Rights A.C. ), managing projects for youth deprived of their liberty to be socially reintegrated in the states of Tlaxcala and Mexico City. Ivan who previously was an architect decided to change careers to support youth with tools and skills to improve their quality of life. With the aim of being able to provide more effective and holistic interventions he has been trained in human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, sports for peace and social entrepreneurship. Due to his commitment and hard work he has recently joined INSADE Council. In his free time Ivan likes cycling, meditating and high level training.

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Jody Pollock


Jody has been working on public policy in Mexico and Latin America for the past seven years, with a focus on gender, violence prevention, and urban development. She recently signed on as Deputy Chief of Party for a USAID-funded project on femicide and building the capacity of criminal justice operators in Mexico to mainstream a gender perspective in their work.

Lorena Luna

Mexico Founder, MakeSense & Head of BD, SmartFish

Lorena Luna has seven years of experience building & strengthening social businesses focused on issues such as health, clean water, and sustainability. She has accomplished this while working with multidisciplinary teams in France, Latin America and the U.S.
Lorena currently works in SmartFish, facilitating the connection between sustainable seafood products from artisanal fishing communities and conscious consumers. Thus, improving the social and environmental conditions of Mexican fishermen.
She is happiest when mountain biking, swimming in the ocean, deeply connecting with strangers and eating Japanese food.

Lulú V. Barrera

Founder, Luchadoras

Lulú V. Barrera considers herself a feminist activist. She has worked with Amnesty International, Article 19, UN Women and the National Institute of Public Health among others. In 2012 she founded “Luchadoras”, a project that uses ICT (Information and communications technology) to fight violence against women in the digital space. Luchadoras aims to give girls alternative role models and raise awareness about online violence by telling powerful Mexican women stories. Lulu is a member of the National Network of Women Rights Defenders in Mexico.


Luz C. Pro

Founder, Arte Pro

Luz C. Pro is an inter-cultural expert and philanthropist, being fluent in 5 languages and having worked in many European capitals. Most notably Pro gained expertise as an art advisor and cultural manager in Berlin. Upon her return to Mexico she created a platform that brings together multidisciplinary talent and helps raise funds for her nonprofit, Arte Pro.
Since 2014, Arte Pro empowers children and youth in vulnerable situations, such as those born in prison and other environments permeated by abuse, prostitution, and violence. Through self-reflection and introspection children in the program develop confidence, and social-emotional skills that give them equal opportunities and enable them to become powerful change agents for their community.

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María del Rosario Martinez Miguel

Treasurer, GES Mujer

María del Rosario is a resilient women who faced intrafamiliar violence. Due to the sexist culture of her dad she couldn´t study a degree till she was married with kids. She has been working at GESMujer since its creation, contributing to a more fair and equal society that respects women rights from a multicultural and gender equality perspective. At GESMujer she works with women that face violence, strengthening women leadership on indigenous communities, informing young men and women around sexual and reproductive health, with the aim of preventing violence during the courtship stage, teenage pregnancy and intrafamiliar violence.

Mitzi Cuadra Urbina

Prevention area coordinator, ANTHUS

Mitzi considers herself a Mexican feminist woman, being an active member of several Civil Associations in the Human rights frame. Mitzi has experience in the social investigation field, having more than 4 years of teaching practice experience through workshops, classes and conferences. She is specialist on gender studies and human trafficking in the commercial sexual exploitation area. Today her cause is fighting human trafficking and the eradication of gender violence. The two strategic areas she is focusing on are the prevention (at all levels) and the support to victims through an integral model and under a feminist perspective. Her main motivation is to have seen the unimaginable achievements that professionalism and perseverance can have on people she works with.

Natalia Martinez

Founder, Lady Meche

Natalia Martinez is cofounder of Lady Meche. Lady Meche is a Social Business that was born when she was studying Social Work at UNAM University and was leading a study at La Merced neighborhood in Mexico City. Lady Meche aims to transform the prostitution reality by creating strategies and social interventions that create solutions for some of the challenges women working in prostitution face. One of the main ones is to find a job once they retire.
In the last year they have been working to establish a social business, as they find there is an opportunity in the intersection of women needs, strategies of harm reduction and an entrepreneurship project.

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Paty Anaya

General Director of Misión Carácter Program at Global Priority

Working as lecturer and social researcher Paty became interested in the way people carry on and overcome life's obstacles. Based on her experience and research she considers the reasons that drive people to excellence in any environment are based on three pillars: Spiritual Life based on universal guiding principles, Family as a reason to stay firm, and Helping others. Paty is specialized on the following areas: Family issues, Principles and Values, Leadership, Social Development, violence prevention, human trafficking; and as an Executive Coach and social researcher. She works with different segments (families, students, entrepreneurs, policemen, prisoners...) using the same tools: universal principles, families and leadership. She considers liberty and hope are things that every person incessantly looks for regardless of his/her position or circumstance in life.

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Andrea Bravo


Andrea is a Psychologist that comes from a family of doctors, currently studying a Master in Family Therapy. Andrea first found out about SINTRATA three years ago when she was about to start her social service at University, considering it an incredible opportunity. A year later they offered her to stay full time as part of the team. Since then she has been expanding her areas of action: imparting conferences, leading research, designing and developing prevention and volunteering programs, building partnerships, organizing events of all kinds, coordinating efforts in human trafficking Law investigation, and working alongside survivors in the reintegration path. Andrea considers this SINTRATA opportunity to be one of the best experiences of her life due to the personal and professional growth she has experienced.


Davide Dalla Poza


When Davide was 26 he met Francesco Zambotti in Italy, responsible for the communities that attended people with addiction and HIV/AIDS problems. Davide decided to give a radical change to his life and move for 2 years to one of those communities to have a more fulfilling lifestyle. In 2003 Davide had his first international volunteering experience in Ciudad Juárez, where the first HIV/AIDS community in Mexico was going to be built. After 6 intense months volunteering, he accepted the challenge offered by Francesco to lead and manage this community guesthouse, later called La Tenda Di Cristo. To date they have served more than 1.000 people. Three years ago they started to collaborate with the penitentiary facility for minors in Ciudad Juarez, creating the "Soy Rediseño Social" Program, which consists on offering integral support to both young residents and the ones released to socially reintegrate.