How many participants will be admitted?

We are recruiting 25 top social entrepreneurs, activists and non-profit leaders who are fighting violence and abuse in Mexico to join the program.

Which social impact sectors is this program designed for?

We’re prioritizing leaders driving long-lasting, positive change in Mexico by combating abuse and violence. We recognize these are broad sectors, and as such welcome a wide range of change agents working on: human rights, gender equality, immigration rights, human trafficking, child abuse, sexual violence and war & conflict. No matter what social impact sector you work in, so long as you are tackling abuse and violence in Mexico, you are still welcome to apply.

Do you have scholarships or financial assistance available?

Yes, we have scholarships available for those who cannot afford the $7500MXN tuition and/or transportation to Malinalco. We work hard to ensure that every admitted Fellow can attend and that money is not a barrier to join the program. Do not let finances prevent you from applying!

Can I apply with someone else from my organization or venture?

You are welcome to apply with someone from your team, such as your co-founder. We have found that it is best to apply with a member of your senior leadership team if are thinking of applying from the same organization or venture. You will both have to submit an application separately.

In which language will House of Ayni be held?    

Many of the design thinking sessions will be held in English and there will be some workshops in Spanish as well. Participants are welcome to speak the language they speak most comfortable in and most of the facilitators and mentors are native Spanish speakers.

I do not live in Mexico but my work directly affects the country. Can I apply?

Yes, you are welcome to submit an application.

Who is sponsoring this program?

House of Ayni Mexico is made possible by anonymous sponsors who believe in the power of immersive, experiential education and who understand the importance of bringing together Mexico’s top social impact leaders to accelerate individual and collective impact.

I'm ready! Can I apply before the deadline on May 19, 2019?

Yes, and we strongly encourage you to apply as soon as you are ready. We will assess applications on a rolling basis.

I have more questions. Can I speak to someone directly about the program?

Of course! You are welcome to email us at hello@houseofayni.com with any questions you may have.